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Your Say Adelaide is an opportunity to provide your thoughts, feelings and ideas on a range of Council projects and activities. To participate, simply click on the current projects below. Your feedback will ultimately inform and influence the decisions made by Council.

Registration is optional but as a registered member of Your Say Adelaide, you will receive the full experience of Council’s online engagement site and the range of feedback tools offered. You will also receive a monthly newsletter that informs you of our engagement activities. To help you with the registration process, we’ve created an easy registration guide.

If you prefer to engage with Council using traditional methods, hardcopy consultation packs and feedback forms are downloadable and also available in our Libraries, Customer and Community Centres. Your Say Adelaide complements these packs by having the same information and similar engagement tools.

We hope you will take this opportunity to be involved in shaping the City of Adelaide.

A number of engagement opportunities are currently open. Please scroll down to find the ones you are interested in.

If you wish to provide general feedback or comments relating to the city or Council activities, please email us at

Open Consultations

  • Welcome to our new site!


    We have recently upgraded Your Say Adelaide to improve the way we engage with you online and you may notice some cosmetic changes. These improvements will include new features and improved functionality.

    Some of these new features include:

    - your very own profile so that you can update your details and interests,
    - more interactive tools for you to provide feedback in various way,
    - improved reporting so that you will be assured your input was considered and you will know the final outcomes of projects
    - improved functionality for mobile devices (e.g. phones) so that you engage with us on the go.

    If you come across any problems or find an error, please contact us at

    Stay tuned and watch this space for regular updates.

    by SiteAdmin 03 Feb 2014, 03:44 PM
  • City Connector Bus Service - bus stop locations


    Following extensive research and consultation the new City Connector bus service was implemented on 27 January 2014.

    Feedback however from residents and business have highlighted some concerns with a number of specific bus stop locations and potential local impact. We are currently undertaking targeted engagement with local residents and businesses to find the most suitable bus stop locations for the following areas:

    • Tynte Street West
    • Tynte Street East
    • Jerningham Street

    For more details and to have your say please click here.

    by Dan at ACC 14 Apr 2014, 04:10 PM
  • The Princess Elizabeth Playspace Redevelopment


    The Princess Elizabeth playspace (on South Terrace near the corner of Goodwood Rd) will be closed for redevelopment from 14 April 2014 to the end of July 2014.

    Click here for more information.

    by sheila at ACC 07 Apr 2014, 09:27 AM
  • Park Lands Trail - Northern Loop


    The Park Lands Trail is a shared use cycling and walking trail that connects the Adelaide Park Lands.

    Recent consultation with the community living in and around North Adelaide has informed the development of a series of plans to guide the implementation of the final stages of the Trail.

    The purpose of this engagement is to share with you these plans, which Council will look to implement over the next two to three years to complete the Park Lands Trail. 

    Click here for more information and to have your say.

    by sheila at ACC 27 Mar 2014, 03:08 PM
  • Residential Street Development Program


    The Residential Street Development Program (RSDP) aims to create beautiful, liveable streets that reflect the character of our neighbourhoods and the needs of its residents.

    Council has commenced the program by seeking improvements on a number of identified streets throughout Adelaide. Local residents and homeowners on these streets have an opportunity to provide feedback and influence what happens.

    For more information, please click here.

    by SiteAdmin 03 Feb 2014, 02:15 PM
  • Residential and Main Street DPA


    Consultation for the Residential and Main Street DPA has now closed. Thanks for providing your feedback.

    The Development Plan Amendment (DPA) proposes to change the planning rules for the following areas:
    - Main Streets of Melbourne, O’Connell and
    - Hutt Street Residential areas in the City’s South West and South East

    The purpose of this DPA is to consider how the existing policies for these areas fit in with the 30 Year Plan for Greater Adelaide and to look at ways to reinforce the character, amenity and liveability of these zones for future generations.

    Click here for further information.
    by SiteAdmin 03 Feb 2014, 03:22 PM
  • What do you think about corruption in South Australia?

    A team of independent researchers at the University of Adelaide has been asked by the Local Government Association of South Australia to conduct a survey on current attitudes towards corruption, misconduct and maladministration in local government.Corruption, misconduct and maladministration in government are serious issues.

    This year, the South Australian Government introduced an Independent Commissioner Against Corruption to investigate these issues across the State.

    Be part of a survey on corruption, misconduct and maladministration in local government to help improve governance in your State.

    Click here to go to the website and start the survey

    by sheila at ACC 18 Mar 2014, 02:37 PM
  • Project Updates

    We encourage you to regularly check this page as it contains links to the latest information and updates on our past consultations. We are currently transitioning to our new site, please visit our old site for information on previous projects by clicking the links below.

    Recently Closed Consultations - Please stay tuned as we collate and analyse your feedback on the following projects

    General Updates - View the updates and reports on the following projects.

    Final Decision Made - View the final decision made on the following projects.

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